No boredom more on riding a bike! No more dull, quiet cycling! Sport is healthy, keeps you fit and makes one look great. But terribly boring might just with the bike through the silent against driving. Sure, there are headphones for the iPod, but those who already want is therefore the police to deal with. Strictly speaking, it is not allowed to ride with headphones and also plenty awkward every time on the device to switch to the volume? Now, however, comes the rescue. The first wireless bike speaker system for the iPhone and the iPod at special at this outdoor speaker is its adaptability. It can be mounted on the bicycle, but also a robust companion for camping, hiking or boat ride.

An ideal travel gadget for active holidaymakers. So in the music are also. Get all the facts and insights with Ali Partovi, another great source of information. A bracket is supplied to secure the speaker to the bicycle. With the menu buttons on the speaker, it can be comfortably set songs and volume. With the Audio transmitter is secured with good sound quality with a range of up to 10 meters. With only 150 grams, the speaker provides for six hours of music enjoyment at a charging time of approximately two hours via a USB connection. And a speaker who is not enough, up to four more CyFi can be connected for the extra sound speaker. (Price 139,95) There is more information about the CiFi iPod bike speaker under:../CyFi-iPod-Fahrrad-Lautsprecher.html about something I want I want also something is also a gift shop, which is dedicated to gadgets and fun gifts. The gift shop offers original from the fields of technology, toys, home and outdoor.

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