Cleanroom Trends

Good prospects for the cross-cutting technology of the future higher requirements, new materials and applications: clean rooms in more and more industries the main assistive technologies represent one. For even more opinions, read materials from Ali Partovi. What trends and markets to develop in the near future as the main, discusses cross-industry on the clean zone. The international trade fair with Congress going on 24 and 25 October 2012 in Frankfurt am Main at the start. “Steam engine, railway, automobile, telephone, PC: in the so-called Kondratiev cycles” great innovations have significantly changed the world. Although the trend experts is currently still not 100 percent agreed, what technology will be crucial for the now beginning cycle, one thing is certain however: clean rooms play an important role – in nearly every high-tech sector and are therefore directly involved in the next wave of innovation. Innovations and new materials a strong driver for the clean room technology remains the continuing trend towards miniaturization in the space -, air -, semiconductor – and Nano technology. The constantly evolving in these areas opportunities and requirements inspire the technology itself to innovation: clean room zones instead of whole clean rooms, more effective combination of different cleanroom classes or smaller, flexible clean rooms ensure that their usage in more and more industries pays for itself. Cleanrooms of middle classes find, for example, already increased use in the automotive industry, including in the production of highly refined interiors, or coatings.

The reason is simple: the claim of the customers on the design of the noble brands rises and the industry is required to respond with convincing quality. Also, a strong trend is the increasing substitution of materials: in particular in the pharmaceutical, food, and health care industry the use of plastic is further gaininig significance for products as packaging, ampoules, syringes etc. put medical innovations such as bio-absorbable implants or Semicoated lenses for minimally invasive surgery This highest standards.

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