American Pakistan

After the War, as much the Party of the Congress, as Muslim Liga was only contented with independence. It is added this the financial exhaustion of the after-Second metropolis War, moment where its military power already was not the same. Credit: Pete Cashmore-2011. In 1947, India Independence Act took care of finally to the independence claims, this if has even so not given in accordance with the desire of ' ' lder' ' of the movement: in contrast of what it wanted Gandhi, India was divided in two States, the Union of the Indian States and the Pakistan. The independence of India was followed of violent ethnic-religious conflicts. With the cooperation of the Indian government, in 1971, then the Eastern Pakistan became independent (Bangladesh).

The relations between India and Pakistan if had aggravated in the decade of 1990. In the Cashmere, a mulumana guerrilla intended to transform it into independent country (or Pakistani region), supported for the Pakistan, generating combats with India that had left thousand of deceased. The question Cashmere, however, continued far from a pacific solution. Although the maleficent consequences of these conflicts, India is a country that comes significantly in the last few decades growing; the technology covers a scale that goes of most primitive to the most sophisticated. Beyond being a nuclear power, with a considerable armory of bombs, in year 2000 if it becomes one of the main producers of programs of computer of the world.

After World War II, the conflicts ideological politicians and between U.S.A. and the Ussr would mark all the history of Asia during the second half of century XX. The Asian nationalism, already affirmed in the after-first period war world-wide and accented by the 1929 crisis, was strengthened by the American and Soviet support to the independence movements, in way to the general weakness of the Europe, for the support of the ONU (that it recognized the right to ' ' self-determination of the peoples asiticos' '), and for the proper conscience of the Asian peoples how much to its diverse contributions for the victory of the metropolises.

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