Adobe Photoshop

The meaning of technology is to replace the GCR neutral colors images corresponding gradations of gray. Setting the UCR and GCR for scanned images can be accomplished with a number of specialized graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop. Masking and When printing color overlay of intersecting colored objects to the default color upper masks lying underneath color. In other words, the intersection of the object is printed only the topmost color, and all the other colors removed. For individual colors, as well as created in the layout of simple graphical objects (lines, rectangles, polygons, and ellipses), you can set the blending mode on top of other colors and objects. This technique is used very often, because in most cases the overlap of the two colors results in an unwanted third shade. However, overprinting can be successfully applied to create special effects, as well as to offset the gap between the colors or objects resulting from inaccurate privodkoy printed forms.

Trapping If you use multiple colors printer should follow so that the plates are precisely aligned relative to each other. If one or more colors are printed with some displacement, the color elements between the visible gaps appear, as halftone dots, instead of to transmit color illustrations, will be treated as separate components. To minimize the effect of misalignment of printed forms, printers apply the technology trap, which is slight overlap of adjacent colors along common granits.TIPY IMAGES Vector images Vector images, also called object-oriented, are composed of mathematically defined curved and straight segments (vectors).

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