Worldwide Partner Awards

DocPath, leader in the manufacturing of documentary software, has announced the celebration of the 1st Edition of its awards Worldwide Partner Awards. An action which aims to recognize the importance of the work that its members perform and through which it will reward the partner that more effort has opted for the excellence, quality and commitment to the company and its solutions throughout the entire 2011. In April it will be two years that we launched our channel program. Now that our network is consolidated, we want to thank our partners confidence provided during this time, since without them it would be very difficult that our solutions reach all regions of Europe and America which today we are present, Javier Medina, commercial director of DocPath has assured. To grant this award, DocPath will assess the trajectory, the merits and the percentage of turnover corresponding to each partner. The decision will not be taken only according to the level of income generated by each partner to the company, there will be other important factors to consider.

Between them, the quality of the service offered to customers and the effort made by delving into new niches of market and attract new target audiences. The presentation of the award will take place at the end of each fiscal year and will be granted to the considered best Partner of the year. Reorganization of the structure of channel currently, 70% of the turnover of the company occurs through the channel. However, the objective is to reach the figure of 100% in the near future. For this purpose, some changes have been made in the internal structure of the program. DocPath has certified partners, which have the capacity to commercialize their solutions and local support to its customers and authorized partners that act as mere distributors of their products. Starting this year, certified partners will have one more advantage: the build your own network of authorized resellers. We want to further diversify our network and reaching a greater number of regions. If in this attempt we get also our partners to increase the revenue they get from our agreement, we further encourage its continuity in the program, concludes Medina.

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