It took several years and had already covered including hours of other heads of departments and during some weekends to several absences had covered the posts without charging a penny to several of his friends both of equal rank and lower rank. During a crisis within the sector of the company before a cut in staff rolled several heads, including those of several of his friends, several departments were closed, some departments were forced to merge, for example there was no longer a software programming Department + a design department + a Department of systems infrastructure: what’s new was the systems Department. All with the intention of saving as much money as possible for the company. As it was expected, the head of my not rodo friend, on the contrary I am in charge of several departments merged, now was no longer the head of the Department of technical support, was now the head of the Department of technical processes and had several deputies who were the true specialists in each branch of the new Department in charge. Curiously without any kind of University studies, he was the head of several tens of engineers and graduates.

Followed now by applying the same technique to one higher level, his readings were less technical, and they were more focused business management, project management and sales. After several years of work demonstrating its high capacity and showing very outstanding results and after overcoming many obstacles was awarded with wage increases without being moved from his post due to his ability to solve problems and great results that showed. He was an employee of high quality which generated many benefits for the company, it was like a money maker in the eyes of superiors..

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