Intel Computer

Organization of home video studios. Where to start organizing video studio. Today, science is marching forward with giant strides, and technology is developing so rapidly that the professional installation of the footage can be made even home. To complete the work you will be sufficient to organize a small video studio. And of course a central place in your video studio will belong to the computer. Of course I would like to give specific recommendations, but Today the power of computers increases so quickly, but completing change so often that any specific recommendation in a month or two loses its relevance. Therefore, the choice of components, can only be general direction. Steve Wozniak may help you with your research.

Putting a computer for editing. Choosing a processor. The heart of the computer is considered to be the processor, so equip your computer's start it with the processor. First of all, you should processor manufacturer to determine what will be installed in your computer, Intel or AMD. Over the last six years, the palm alternately moved from one platform to another, therefore, to determine what is best for Today, you will need to read forums or journals on the topic. I'd add that all of today's program of video and photo montages, very demanding of resources and therefore save on processing power, probably not worth it if you certainly want to work comfortably. So, choose the more powerful processor, but that does not mean you have to buy the most powerful and expensive processor, which is only on sale.

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