Senior Cell Phones

A senior cell phone can make the life of seniors not only easy, but also much safer. A Seniorehandy makes the life of seniors not only easier but also more secure. Because of its size, it is suitable also for people with physical limitations, poor eyesight or hearing. There are many variations in design, size, handling and price. Which Hnady suits which senior must therefore be tried. The oversized buttons and the digits on the seniors mobile, can be on such special mobile phones better read much, so that the seniors neither at the dial a phone number even when reading an SMS need a magnifying glass. Also Horggeschadigte people offer for extra loud speakers and car kits the most senior cell phones.

Senior phones are very robust and bigger built than normal phones, so that they may be not out of hand and are good at maybe trembling hand. But even in a purse or jacket pocket, a large mobile phone is easy find and to use. Important numbers on special quick dial buttons can be placed on many senior cell phones. Now help or another contact can be made with just the touch of a button. There is the so-called emergency phone for seniors with Gedachnissschwache, which is no longer to remember telephone numbers or partial names. It has only digits 1-6 depending on the model. The emergency button is very large and visible.

The SOS button is labeled. Here, help can be called immediately with a touch of a button. A great advantage is also a senior cell phone that can be tracked via GPS.

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