SMS Flatrate

The mobile service provider offering deep discounts for students. In the last few years a lot has changed in mobile communication not only in the area of mobile phones, but also in the area of tariffs. A few years ago, it was still not to think that we can unlimited calling for a flat monthly rate today. The former tariffs included no phone Flatrate, had to be paid for every minute spent. But now, this image has changed completely. More and more mobile flat rate fares are available on the German market.

Usually the flat rate can be divided tariffs of the provider as follows: mobile flat rate landline, combination mobile flat rate as well as mobile flat rate to all networks. Who mostly calls to German landlines, should choose fixed network for a mobile flat rate. In this form the flat rate are all calls to German landlines included. Who’s on the phone in addition to the fixed network, also much in the mobile radio network, should choose mobile Flatrate for a combination. Can this form of flat-rate unlimited in that German fixed network and be on the phone in the mobile radio network. With a mobile flat rate to all networks, however, is the possibility that nationwide in all German mobile phone networks as well as to German landlines can be on the phone. Such a form of flat-rate is already available on a monthly base price of 29.95 euro. Pupils, students and young people can save money rates at mobile flat rate.

The mobile operator O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone have tariffs on offer especially for students flat rate. The mobile Flatrate students tariffs usually include a flat rate for the German fixed network or the mobile radio network, as well as an SMS Flatrate. Some providers have in addition a mobile Internet flat rate offer. Pupils & students to provide a mobile flat rate, following conditions must apply: students, trainees and military and civil services to up to 25 years, students up to maximum of 30 years. The proof must be in written form. Christopher Heinsius

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