Service Resistance

The idea for writing this article, served as my trip to a place where there is practically no communication with the outside world, in other words, devoid of all the conditions of civilization. Get spare parts for repair dvd / cd player is simply impossible. Next radio market is more than 1000 km. from the settlement. Before proceeding to the main topic, read the main faults, symptoms and methods to address them. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. The main reasons for malfunctions dvd / cd player include: -Failure of the laser head, spindle-motor;-in rare cases, the decoder board, usually the camera does not read discs from any supported format player, or stopped reading MP3 and dvd, begins to lose some moments from a slowdown or even displays a message: no disk, after you press the ‘OPEN’ leaves the carriage and the disc continues to rotate.

Basically, these faults are eliminated by replacing the defective component or module. In rare cases, you can avoid cleaning the laser head. Caught in the not so favorable conditions, I repaired more than twenty devices using only the following supplies and equipment: A standard set of screwdrivers, a simple-ohmmeter;-wool and alcohol;-lube; Not having the service manual (service manual) I have developed the following algorithm for repairs. 1. Check the resistance motor windings. In the healthy motor resistance should be within 12 ohms. If the resistance below 4.6 ohms, you should remove the engine, disassemble it, clean the brushes and the collector contacts. After that lubricate the motor shaft. If you do not help go to the next item.

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