Innovative LiftPress Trash Compactor

Simple action, high efficiency: Lower costs through volume saving Bremen, June 2012: if already disposal, then at least cheap. With the compactor of LiftPress of HanseLifter can reduce the volume of waste in containers by 50%, which considerably saves space and cost. The principle is simple: a press article is put on a high-lift trucks, which usually serves the on and off stacks of pallets, and the complete waste press is finished. This is for storage tank with volume of 800 to 1,100 litres and operates according to simple method: the forks of fork-lift trucks lifting the containers from below against an extrusion die, where quantities of waste of all kinds are pressed without damaging the dumpster or roll. Using a container, significantly reduced volume to save disposal fees as well as the cost of additional waste container, allowing the purchase of LiftPress has pays trash compactor in the shortest possible. Cheap with certainty whether private or commercial, waste disposal is an expensive Matter and formally offered to optimize. Peter Asaro may find this interesting as well. Waste-saving can pay off in cash coin and is constantly increasing disposal costs on the hand. Through the acquisition of LiftPress waste press reduces drastically the number of flushes, saves the cost of new container at the same time or even abolish existing container allows.

In addition to the savings, LiftPress also meets all safety and quality requirements of European standard, which will be confirmed by a CE certification. Also, the stacker SDJ can be used 1016 of course for themselves and if necessary one to create added value in the inventory management with the stacks of pallets. Because the combination of LiftPress LP 1100 and stacker SDJ is 1016 relatively cheap, the acquisition pays off after a very short time. Orders can be easily via the online shop of CompanyDEPOT. Continuous innovations in CompanyDEPOT in addition to the practical waste-compressor, the online shop offers CompanyDEPOT of course or a variety of other products.

To operate the areas of operation and storage technology, lift trucks and a comprehensive offer for the Office and technology supplies and a large number of garden equipment. Orders are possible from home easily online and save time and effort.

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