ComfortAir ECO Energy

ComfortAir ECO plus has a variety of outstanding components, their interaction between cause a minimum of energy consumption and maximum sustainable efficiency. Use of environmental heat? Use of process heat? The answer to these questions in terms of renewable energy provides the system ComfortAir ECO plus, the new concept of the heat pump to the indoor air heating and cooling and heat recovery, air quality regulation, free-cooling and ventilation. Innovative technical components a guaranteed sustainable improvements in efficiency achieved by eDrive, the solution for variable-speed direct drive for energy saving the device. This saves 70% power at the fan or 30% reduction of annual energy consumption of the appliance. Flexy, an advanced cooling, enables the reduction of in energy consumption compared to inverter”solutions. The integrated high performance multi-spiral compressors designed for year-round, optimal energy efficiency.

Flexible Warmeubertragungs-and Recovery solution of CLIMATIC control improves the efficiency of intelligently and helps in the setting and maintenance of the device, so that a long term, performance is guaranteed. eRecovery can cover up to 100% of the heating needs and is the solution to the heat recovery system. In the field of food cooling is the most advanced and flexible heat transfer and recovery solution on the market. Plus, an optimal combination of heat pump, heat recovery wheel, gas heating, air mixture, drive technology with innovative control strategy is low energy consumption and low maintenance cost of ComfortAir ECO. Malls the system is used in industrial halls, food markets and shopping an innovative model for environmentally responsible energy management and a contribution to combating rising energy costs and global warming. The ComfortAir ECO plus is low-maintenance and thanks to its high energy efficiency provides optimal, low life cycle costs. Contact: Colt International GmbH Dirk Osterkamp Briener road 186 47533 Kleve Tel: 02821-9900 Web:

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