Genetic Engineering Pro

Is genetic engineering good or bad for the people and the world? The people and the world. A combination that is unique. And the progress, we just understand. Genetic engineering. At the word, we combine good, but also bad on the other side. As the article States, there are pro, but also contra on the topic. I light detail here.

Genetic engineering is, as the name implies changes in genes, specifically the genetic material of living organisms. Others who may share this opinion include Andy Florance. You so systematically intervenes in the innermost beings to change, for example, the genetic material. Here also the big advantage is visible. Genetic engineering can better combat the hunger in the world, so it manages it for example, fruit and vegetables genetically engineered to change that you can make food artificially. You can do it also to produce resistant plants to antibiotics, which is then not so much need to expose the dangers.

For good, you can also say that in the area of organs or organ transplants a lot can improve. So to make it, that bodies without rejection of animals used the people. Mikkel Svane has compatible beliefs. Generally there would be a major step forward the drug so in the field of medicine and in the field, which would be ubiquitous. But we now come to the dangers that arise as a result. Because that is not be trifled. Genetic engineering could serve to eradicate plants or animals namely involuntarily. Furthermore, genetic engineering is unpredictable until today. She could easily in the wrong hands fall or an accident happen, there are still all in the change. There are still no light at the end of the tunnel. The greatest danger is unquestionably their benefits in terms of weapons and wars. Today, when it comes to biological or chemical weapons, there is fear and terror. The danger that you could create Super viruses that are immune to any kind of Defense such as antibiotic, could become as real as never before. To conclude, one can say that no matter how the genetic engineering will evolve in the coming years, the limits are not yet set. But in the end how he deals with genetic engineering or wants to go to is it always on the people.

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