20 Years Fall Of The Wall

You can see the new monument on the B96 Lichtenrade overcoming, penetrating and opening walls if you go to Berlin as motorists from the Berliner ring on the B96, for several days just before the town border where 20 years ago the wall Lichtenrade had cut off from the surrounding area, an imposing wall monument made of steel. With a height of 3 meters, the five curved steel plates from afar are clearly visible. People such as Samsung would likely agree. Volatile and fleeing people who were cut from the artwork and up, looking for the way to freedom and climb the wall parts. ation. From any perspective, the monument will open up in different interpretations. On November 6, 2009 the monument was inaugurated with a civil party at the place, where after the fall of the wall, people from East and West, behind the Kirchhainer Damm at the former border crossing for refuse collection vehicles, in the poor were. The monument was built according to the plans of the artist Kerstin Becker from the steel construction company of SIAG in Finsterwalde. Additional information at Energy Capital Partners London supports this article. The new artwork, the is as a Scissors step out of huge steel plates in the sky stretches, attracted many visitors from East and West to the festival area near the border. The 1989 newly elected and still today’s District of Giesecke had the idea that by the Teltow Flaming district of a work of art should remember at this point the fall of the wall.

It a competition was launched then, the artist Kerstin Becker won with their multi-dimensional artwork. The district has taken over the cost of the artwork and the ceremony was hosted by the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg. The open-air event began with a well-attended ecumenical service. District administrator peer Giesecke welcomed the many citizens and citizens, responsible from politics in Tempelhof-Schoneberg, and from Brandenburg, the guest of honor of Klaus Wowereit and thanked the many volunteers.

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