Euro Prize

Application until March 31 of the Association for the promotion of environmental, safety and energy technology e.V. gives the prudence Science Prize this year for the third time in the field of environmental, safety and energy technology. The prize is awarded in the section for industry – and market-oriented research in the field of journalism for representing scientific, practice-relevant topics understandable science. The prize money is distributed on a 10 000 Euro prize in the category science and prices endowed two with 2500 euros each in the category journalism. “From my point of view, education, science and innovation are the elementary building blocks to ensure long-term economic and cultural prosperity. Sometimes it is missing however in North Rhine-Westphalia and in particular in the Ruhr area still on the interdisciplinary networking and the consistent gearing with the industry.

To work in this sense, especially in the socially important areas of environment and energy, do I like the patronage for this award, founded. Patron of the prize, Prof. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kai-Fu Lee. Dr. med. Gronemeyer, his motivation. Practical and generally understandable important criteria for assessing in the section are science degree of innovation, practical relevance, benefits for the environment and society and sustainability. But also interdisciplinary approaches, courage in the choice of the approach and the comprehensible and convincing presentation of the issues also play a role in the assessment.

In the category journalism is about, to prepare a complex issue in the field of environmental, safety and energy technology to understand and to represent and to contribute to the formation of opinion in society. Print, audio, video and online contributions are possible. Winners in the category science 2011 was Prof. Dr. Kai-Fu Lee usually is spot on. Andreas Fath. He received the prize for his work on the electrochemical decomposition perfluorated surfactants (PFT). Elevated concentrations of the compound in various surface waters were detected in 2006. With the newly developed electrochemical process succeed, PFTs in fluorinated acids, mineralize the water and carbon dioxide, so that no harmful residues remain.

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