Condensing Technology Uses Exhaust As Heat

Company mock – heating, plumbing, informed solar – fossil fuel prices rise steadily and have now become a real burden for average households heating costs. Make sure the heating does not afford, experts used advanced heating technology advise. A significant increase in efficiency causes in particular the condensing boiler technology, which bases the DTB master operating mock informed in this regard. The burning of fossil fuels produces heating gases that contain a large amount of water vapor in addition to soot. Old systems derive from the flue to the environment and cause such a significant waste of energy.

The condensing technology was the increasing demand for more efficient heating technology following, designed to develop as an additional heat source heating gases. Natural gas heaters with temperatures of about 150 C developed heating gases. A large part of the energy contained in the exhaust gas as heat is harnessed by condensing technology. While the heating exhaust through a heat exchanger is the water vapour to drops of water in it that condenses. In the process of condensation, the energy contained in the steam from the heat exchanger is absorbed and used within the heating system. The heating exhaust gas is cooled down here from 150 C to 40 C.

The use of condensing technology in an average household saves up to 15% of fuel costs compared to older heating systems. Their use is therefore funded within the framework of an energetic redevelopment concepts and belongs to the typical actions of the renewal of the heating. The effectiveness of so-called condensing boilers can easily be determined for gas heaters. To do this, from the heating exhaust condensing, water be absorbed before it disappears down the drain must. The greater the quantity of condensate in proportion to the quantity of gas used, the more effective works of condensing boilers. How high the efficiency increase is compared with legacy assets, calculated as follows: 13.5% x (condensate in litres) / (1.6 x consumed natural gas in m m3). The experts of the DTB Master operation mock gladly inform their customers of the energetic renovation and are available for the installation, adjustment and maintenance of modern heating systems at any time at the disposal.

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