Company Inter Power

Depending on the number of blocks is chosen cabinet size. Byron Trott can aid you in your search for knowledge. All of the above equipment would not make sense, if there were no speakers or just the speakers. Company Inter M produces a very wide range of speakers, intended for use in broadcast systems and alarm systems. The main difference between the speaker designed to work in broadcast systems and alarm systems from ordinary household speakers, for example, from the musical centers, is the presence of the first matching audio transformer. As mentioned above, the output voltage signal from the amplifier output power ranges from 70 to 100 volts. In order to stress that the dynamics are not out of order, and connected in parallel several loudspeakers within the zone alarm total low resistance is not taken out of the system output transformer power amplifier uses a matching audio transformers. Depending on the nominal operating power of the speaker audio transformers are different, specially designed, the input resistance.

The calculation is based on the maximum output voltage of power amplifiers Uout (100 volts) and rated power of the speaker Pout: R = Uout 2 / Pout. Thus, any loudspeaker, designed to work in broadcast systems and warning Inter M can work with any power amplifier, regardless of its power output. However, we must bear in mind that total nominal capacity of the speaker should be no higher output power amplifier. Otherwise total resistance of the speaker undermines the output transformer amplifier. Inter M speakers are divided into several categories. On execution of the speakers are locks (cut into the outboard ceiling) and mounted (mounted on the wall).

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