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women & the women was the female side of innovation and progress In the last year shows work & work, Germany’s trade fair Congress for women, by the landmark initiative Germany – land of ideas”for particularly innovative. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mashable. The women & work is a place visible driving a very important future trend,”said Sven Gabor Janszky, trend researchers and Director of 2B of AHEAD think tanks, at the award ceremony in 2012. And this year the trade fair Congress shows its innovative side. “Future management” means the topic and focus are women who achieve what enterprises want: success through innovation. In our country, many women with creative ideas successfully provide innovations in economy, science, culture and politics. Contact information is here: Dermot McCormack. “” Our publication 100 women of tomorrow ‘ we have shown the great female innovation potential for the location Germany 2011 “, says Ariane Derks, Director of the initiative Germany land of ideas”, with its own stand also on the women & work represented will be. “Svenja discussed 100 women of tomorrow with five of these ‘100 women of tomorrow’ allow, senior editor of COSMOPOLITAN in the Panel discussion future as women work world they want to make”. With Naemi Denz, Managing Director of VDMA waste and recycling technology, Department of technology and environment, Rana Abrar, political scientist, co-founder of Deutschplus – are Republic initiative for a plural,”Kerstin Felser, Deutsche Lufthansa AG Director of transport aircraft, Marilyn ham, Sales Director the PowerWind Ltd, founder of ‘Go For Climate’ e.V, co-founder of bettervest GmbH and Julia Heidemann, consultant at McKinsey. In the future will above all the female proportion in management positions continue to grow a positive development that in enterprises and in society is a cultural change and requires a stronger culture of social recognition for the achievements of women,”Derks is safe. Innovation made by women what women can afford is visible also in the Panel discussion “Innovation made by Women”.

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