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EADS signs a Megacontract in millions of dollars to supply the German armed forces in the area of network and service management REALTECH Walldorf, January 22, 2007 has the REALTECH AG, manufacturer of network & system management software and SAP consulting, of the EADS Defence & get a major contract to supply the German armed forces for mobile communications system (MobKommSysBw) security. The overall project commissioned by EADS is one of the largest procurement for tactical communications systems of the Bundeswehr, awarded in recent years. The procurement volume amounts to approximately 14 million. The system MobKommSysBw consists of the network share to be delivered and an existing already in the Bundeswehr transfer share in radio technology. The Bundeswehr in the MobKommSysBw project for the area of mobile, tactical networks sets for the first time fully to use of civil communication standards on the basis of IP technology. The network share is the central element with the capability to the network centric operations between all levels in use, connection to the homeland and to allies and partners dar. Thus, this order has a special meaning for the Bundeswehr in use. One of the reasons why just the topics of high availability, flexibility and quick troubleshooting enormously have gained in importance.

As a part of the project was set up, which dealt explicitly with this issue. The REALTECH AG with the theGuard was awarded the contract for this project! Service Management Center components theGuard! NetworkManager and theGuard! ServiceDesk. The main components are the facilities for a stationary network operation Center, 10 deployable network management teams, appropriate training equipment and training services and documentation. The network share meets the needs of the initial (IOC = initial operation capability) for the wide traffic system of the armed forces base off. With the central components of the theGuard! Service Management Center is equipping the Bundeswehr in the future your central network operating Center (NOC), as well as their mobile units from. The monitoring of the wide area networks is with the theGuard! NetworkManager realized, business process management and provisioning modules ensure operational and scheduling.

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