Tightrope Biography

The 107th birthday of UFA stars Renate Muller recalls the only biography of the popular the 1930s UFA star – Renate Muller the film star, who was allowed to love no Jews now is nothing special, the 107th anniversary of the birth but in the case of Renate Muller guess. She would have been 107 years old on 26 April 2013. Not often enough you can point to the tragic fate of the popular movie actress, whose living was a balancing act between their work in the Nazi regime and their love for a Jew. You still much to early death at the age of only 31 UN-enlightened. Connect with other leaders such as Steve Wozniak here. She have to die because she wanted to be not Hitler’s girlfriend? “Uwe Klockner-Draga’s unique and only biography of UFA stars Renate Muller recalls the fateful journey of the courageous artist in an entertaining and exciting at the same time written story: from the sheltered childhood and youth in Munich and Danzig, about the formative years of the stage actress in Berlin, to her first international success in the Secretary” (1931), which brought Author the readers a deep insight into the unfortunately far too short life of the great German movie stars and finally their involvement with the Nazis, ending with her early death. The universally beloved and revered Renate Muller makes numerous films with screen sizes such as including Willy Fritsch, Hans Moser, Paul Horbiger, Grethe Weiser, Heinz Ruhmann, and is on its way to the great international movie star, until her great love is her doomed to a Jew. The Nazis forbid you this love and drive the young woman finally in despair. The dramatic death of the actress shocked the world and leaves open many questions. Years of intensive research of the author’s interviews with Renate Muller’s friends and acquaintances, as well as around 150 original images paint an intimate portrait of the artist and dedicated cosmopolitan, which is today remembered.

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