Deficit – is always good and valuable. One has only to organize an advertising campaign: "In Sevastopol, left only 20 copies of handbags Burberry ! And suddenly line up in our lovely ladies kilometrovuyuv turn. And they snatch up these bags for two days. A handbag is not 20, and they do not quite Burberry … The second stereotype, deeply entrenched in our heads, "an expensive item – so good." The most profitable myth.

But, unfortunately, not for us consumers, and for business owners. The third stereotype, "traditional soundly and worthy of purchase. " Some sellers on the bottles of wine writing, that it is, they say, is as much a 18HH year. More generally styled antique, to prove that their wine is really a "classical", even the name on label written on the old Russian style, which is designed to emphasize the continuity of traditions of winemaking. Some advertisers are simply mounted in the center of the label portrait of Queen, believing that the buyer will know if it's wine drinking herself Catherine II, and if so, then it is bad, certainly not impossible. What can I say, fellows advertisers! Competently manage our minds! It's not the whole list of advertising myths. What do you do to us, mere consumers? How to choose a reliable bank, where to buy a quality television, how to find a team of skilled construction workers? If nothing else around pretty sweet deception and lies? The world is not standing still. In the field of mobile navigation systems long term there POI (from agliyskogo – point of interest, then there is a point of interest), which are built entirely objective ratings of all human activities, from business to culture, and hence its quality and success.

Search-and-information system POI Radar", working a hundred times more effective than any commercial advertisements with computer technology builds a national rating by category: Catalogue of companies Sevastopol Attractions Sebastopol, Sebastopol Ads, etc There is nothing more valuable than experience. At PRI RADAR give you honest advice, relying on their own experience. In the same way you can warn or direct. Tired of every day listen laudatory advertising ketchup powder miracle massager. To be deceived do not want anyone. If you need to buy a vacuum cleaner, easier to enter the site, choose the best, relying on an objective rating of shops Sevastopol, and make a purchase. You do not run with the imposition of unnecessary things, there's no cheating with designer handbags and portraits of Catherine, here you will save your money.

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