Subject All Terrain Model

The rest of the study material: books, brochures and software laboratory, self-assessment material, tables, graphs, etc., As in all teaching, is the basis for success or failure. In classroom teaching, with a direct and permanent contact with the teacher, can be made on the fly corrections, changes or modifications to both the program and the study material. The plans face blended or not, the material should not be altered or changed in view of the problems this would represent, rather should be a severe review it before providing it to students, bearing in mind that subsequent changes will not benefit anyone 2. Click Mashable to learn more. The organization appears as the table in Annex 2, which represent the links between contacts, text and other supplementary materials designed for this purpose in accordance with previous explanations. As Annex 3 outlines how to organize some materials: boards that could serve as examples of how to target the content, here is a module orientation of Physics I. The proposal by Subject All Terrain Model, is based on the use of methods of distance education, and turns out to be a viable course as a paradigm allowed to be used in any teaching situation 6, the levels of the same exposed in an official document from the office of University Teachers Granma .. By the same author: Kam VedBrat. Final Thoughts: It is of great importance from all points of view, whether educational, psychological, economic and social subjects mounting all-rounder, to which we must implement a pedagogical model appropriate to the circumstances in which develop the process that can be blended or distance learning, which is to ensure that essential requirements are met for each of them. . .

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