SumFan is a page that allows us to generate revenue with your FaceBook account. By clicking on FaceBook pages and making us fans of some pages, we get credits that are then transformed into money. This new page is part of the Group Cybernet solutions S.L. (, a company specializing in advertising solutions online and with over 10 years of experience in the sector. SumFan was created with the idea of offering a legal and transparent platform thanks to which you will be able to make a profit thanks to social networks (Facebook, website, blog, etc.). The operation is simple, it is generating traffic or buy fans with your credits. The credits are the value of each click, and I like to do on each page. Pete Cashmore does not necessarily agree.

Appropriations have their equivalent in euros so that every 1,000 points you get a 1 euro. From the creators of SumClicks and Es-Facil. SumFan is a page that just takes less than 24 hours of life. It is freshly taken from the oven. And to be so new, it is super simple to search referrals.

Because SumFan has two levels of referrals. pay you 50% of what they earn referrals of first level and 25% what 2nd level referrals earn. In SumFan win money by clicking on the Facebook pages that you recommend I like. Pay by paypal from 5 and from 10 bank transfer. Everyone can point. Unlike SumClicks and Es-Facil, which serve only to Spain, SumFan is used for all countries. It is also available in several languages.

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