Cultural Transformations

A time marked for deep cultural transformations that if translated new ways to think, to act and of living the daily one. Time of technological innovations as the telephone, telegraph without wire, cinema, bicycle, automobile, airplane and a time where if they inspired new perceptions of the reality, with its coffee-concert, ballets, operetas, bookstores, theaters, boulevards and high sewing. It was a copy of Paris, with a culture bohemian immortalized in the streets downtown, a called time ‘ ‘ Belle poque’ ‘. In way to this romantismo of the Belle poque, the cardiologista doctor Dr. Alfredo Noronha, a man with its fifty and as many years had a project, a dream to save lives being longed for to practise a heart transplant. However, the majority of the people found it an insane person. It was a time of few resources, where lives if lost for so little and the Dr.

Alfredo with its futuristas dreams longed for to even carry through an innovation in the medicine then. Many experiences were made in the Hospital of the Heart in So Paulo, however with unsatisfactory results. In one of the confectioneries downtown, well next to the Square to the Patriarch, Smia worked, a beautiful woman with its twenty and few years and endowed with certain mystery. It was the copy of the woman of the Belle Epoque, a woman who was part of an essential group for the urban culture, was a species of show window of the process of the social life, not confusing a bigger mundanidade of the woman with its release politics. This woman possua a more active paper and a more including experience, but that not constitua properly a freedom. The women of this time were more experienced, refined and educated with an adequate reaction to the necessities and ambitions of the new times.

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