If I can get 35% interest for my fund shares is still un-safe. > Empirically working sciences are summarized under the term science dealing with the study of nature. Scientists observe, measure, and analyze the conditions and the behavior of nature through methods that should secure the reproducibility of the results, with the aim to recognize regularities. In addition to the explanation of the natural phenomena, one of the most important tasks of science is nature can be used to make. The natural sciences make such as the theoretical foundation for technology, medicine and environmental protection. u0085 Areas of science are including astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, as well as some environmental sciences such as geology. Learn more at this site: Mashable. > The term Geisteswissenschaft(en) is in the German-speaking tradition of thinking a collective term for currently around 40 different Sciences (disciplines”) with different MethodenGegenstandsbereiche, which with cultural, spiritual, related media, partly social or sociological, historical, political and religious phenomena, investigate. Always the most Humanities operate anthropology so also to some extent in all disciplines of the man and his productiveness in the Center stand (?) Anthropology).

A consistent justification sense imaging of the Humanities was aspired by Wilhelm Dilthey based on a philosophical doctrine of the meaning and understanding of expressions (hermeneutics). > A decision is a choice between alternatives, or between several different variations of one or more Entscheidungstragern.Eine can spontaneously decision or be emotionally, randomly, or rational.A rational decision according to targets already prior or existing Wertmassstaben.Von of the decision competence of an individual it depends whether his pro – or contra decisions right or wrong fall out. The property, without deciding to delay and to remain, known as determination (see leadership). The statistics experience and the economy engaged in decision theory the question after the optimal decision. Should the word of ent – divorce come, such as the sword out of > vagina be there is then between fight or can’t fight decided.

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