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Where go enterprise management technology in the coming year? What will happen with the technologies that are in use today? There will be impact of the social networks in business applications? Can Open Source achieve greater penetration in the legal software market? From November 17, 2011 until December 23 of the same year, evaluating Software invited a group of 250 companies selling in Latin America to participate in a consultation on trends to the year 2012. 14 Rulings that set forth current technology issues were included in the invitation. The participants had 4 response options: very likely, moderately likely, unlikely, nothing likely. The following graphic illustrates the profile of persons involved: while this article we deliver 5 most likely trends, may access the entire document from 2012 industry trends report. 1. Customers shall require that deployment projects speeded up this It is the trend most voted by the participants of our survey.

There are many compelling reasons to make it so. From the moment in which a company takes the decision to incorporate a medical management software or change the existing, up to the production of the same implementation usually spend much time. Maybe 6, 8 10, 12 or more months. It is a very long period in which the market conditions that gave rise to the need for a management software can be changed. 2 Business users will demand more analysis tools as part of the process of evaluation and selection in our portals can find tools, as for example: ERP software evaluation Center: is a search engine that pairs the needs or definitions of the project who are looking for software and product registered in evaluating ERP offering. CRM software evaluation Center: is similar to the previous tool although oriented CRM software. Toolkit for the selection and evaluation process: is a package of documents that is used as a guide to bring an orderly process.

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