After a while we may have been stuck in that habit and have a difficult habit to overcome. The saddest thing is that sometimes we are advised and "passivity" sometimes reply: "I am an adult and do what I want. I am free to do with my life and my body what it wants. True, we do. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. But this is to emphasize self-destruction. It is better to step back and reflect.

Failure to enter this field and if we have entered, correct to return to a state independence. Sometimes, we feel that this attitude of rebellion makes us look as most important, more independent, but fashionable, and we do not understand this attitude is that we ran downhill. Sometimes we do not understand the true way to be different and feel good about ourselves and where each of us must be unruly and rebellious, is above all that we want to bypass and divert, each one of us, of our way and noble purpose in life, because that is the fruit like a tree, we are bound to give everyone in life, because there is nothing that expresses more courage and unlike the rest to be at the fashions and currents of this world everyone , self, knowing take what benefits us and the rest let it go whatever they say. As the flower gets its nutrients from the environment and the crowd shows each perfume, color and characteristically individual and personal, as no two fingerprints alike. When we take into our pattern of life, a habit of debauchery, costs us a lot later arrancarnoslo us.

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