If you fill in this order form at this time will receive in the next few days a copy of labour PractiLetter, which this article may read full. In labor PractiLetter we analyze matters that really are interested in organizations, in a very practical way and at the same time with all rigor. In addition to this article, in the subsequent number of PractiLetter will find others of great interest to your organization, such as: how videovigilar their way 100% lawful workers: establishing surveillance cameras is one of the decisions that can take your signature to check that their employees comply with labour duties and obligations. But being a method so invasive, it requires carefully comply with certain requirements. How to calculate the compensation that corresponds to an employee in any case perfectly contract termination: whatever the cause that motivates a finishing of contract (dismissal, end of temporary agreement, substantial modification of working conditions) the manner of determining the compensation is exactly the same.

Show it to you with fully detail and the best advice is our central theme of the month. The essence of the latest court rulings, in a few words. Did you know that it is possible to set a new trial period to a former employee? And that the father can enjoy the authorization of aging even if the mother is autonomous? do and that if you have salaried drivers ask them regularly to report to it their meats driving status does not violate the law of protection of personal data? These are the conclusions of recent judgments. We give you the keys of each in only two paragraphs, only telling him what you really interested. The interview of PraciLetter have little to do with the interviews to the use that you can read on other sites. Every word of our interviewees tells. In this issue, Banco Sabadell reveals how do to retain best workers leaving the question of carrots (the theory that an employee moves only if there is an economic incentive to change) to the gain. The Bank would It offers the keys to its compensation structure.

Labour PractiLetter is a monthly newsletter of Global Publishers Spain, very practical and rigorous, that will allow you to keep track of all labour formulas and human resources which really benefit your organization. Very fresh and docile guess, 20 minutes of review per month will provide existing superiority to do their jobs better. You can be sure that thanks to PractiLetter professional you will save a fortune, will win time and will be more supported in making decisions. Subscribe here for one year (11 issues) to the price of 136 euros (VAT and postage included). With total bail (if at any time you don’t want to continue with the subscription, we will refund the cost of exemplary earrings take).

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