The Secrecy

b) The sincerity: It is not from fear to display what you feel, thinking on the opinion of the others on you. Either objective! c) The Secrecy: it has people that she likes to ask for secret, but does not know to keep. It looks for to have a friend to relieve, to share its tribulaes, but it prays for God for the certain friend in its life! 2.No leaves the things to arrive at the extremity, talks! It shares! It relieves! This will be good for you. TALKING WITH GOD To talk with God something is wonderful, after all the cellular one of it always is on and you it finds in any place. (A valuable related resource: Zendesk). Many people have difficulty in talking with God, keep a superficial colloquy very. God adores to talk with you! In the colloquy with God, as well as in the colloquy with the other, three essential characteristics exist: ) Transparency: With God we need ' ' to play limpo' ' , without religiosidade, or stockings words. People exist who are full of cares to speak with God.

God is not worried about the used words, but yes with the transparency of its heart. He repairs in Mateus 6.6: ' ' You, however, when to pray, enter in your room and, closed the door, you will pray Your Father, who is in private; your Father, whom it sees in private, you recompensar' '. It talks with God in all the moments: in the work, in house, in the bus, it talks with God at difficult moments bad. b) Patience: After talking with God you will have to wait the reply. That he will be able to come hours, days, months, years after that colloquy. We are imediatistas and want the reply of the colloquy, but God answers the colloquy in the time of it. c) Secrecy: Things exist that God will speak to its heart, but you will have to keep you and not to share with nobody.

TALKING I OBTAIN This EXACTLY is an indispensable colloquy, no matter how hard it seems madness. We have much difficulty to speak of we ourselves. Therefore, it is important, that you talk with you yourselves) What I made disappointed that me? b) What I make annoys that me? c) What I can make pra to be happyer? It does not have problems in speaking alone! In dialoguing with you yourselves! CONCLUSION: Perhaps what it is lacking to decide a problemo is a small colloquy. It talks more, it dialogues more, it says more, it hears more. It discovers time to talk, after all talking people if it understands!

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