“Admitting mistakes. Despite being this difficult to recognize an area generally worth mentioning that the high level of trust creates a climate conducive to free and action to correct future mistakes are admitted, especially in view of sincere actions and admit the need to change for a better working environment. “Learning from Errors. Culture to admit mistakes, gives us the opportunity to get the most learning for themselves and establish a thorough analysis of our mistakes, to share what they learned from them, applying the positive and eliminating the negative for future actions. “To assume greater responsibilities. This generation of trust makes us feel safe to go every day making new commitments in carrying out our activities.

It is worth mentioning that this trust in our performance removes barriers and makes us grow professionally. Finally consider what we are willing is that it is impossible to believe that others trust us if we do not do it, because trust is never given out. If there is no internal equilibrium will think that the support, the applause or admiration is offered to us to encourage us, to keep the forms or, in most cases, because we do not really know and stay in the image we are projecting that is, we believe we are deceiving ourselves. This becomes because we do tasks with one eye on the other, waiting for their approval and appreciation, without inner conviction. Lacking a personal guide to guide us in achieving our goal or Our lives, the effort that we make is far greater, far from enhancing our skills, weakens and destroys trust in ourselves, and thus self-esteem. Why? To have a good self-esteem we must be convinced that we are fit for life we choose to wear. Who does not enjoy self-confidence, delayed decisions, given the long outstanding issues, is leaving things undone on the way and maintains an attitude of paralysis. With all this, but fails to certify that it is certainly not someone you can trust.

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