10 Points For A Site

1. Pop Ups The popus come in different shapes and flavors: input, output, delayed and, large, small, flying, backings, and many others who may not even know. The popups are associated (perceptually) with immoral content. That is why there are so many anti-popups, even in the same browser. When visitors need to see the popups to download something for free, a book or candy, it is clear that they can tolerate them without problems.

As we conclude that: except for very special cases in which the offer is very good, visitors hate popups and do everything they can to avoid them. 2. Additional software to view the site this time the blame Menem was not sure … The culprit is Adobe. Adobe is the company that created , which is the software required to view PDF files, to solve: that every time you display or print a document looks like the original, regardless of whether it is a computer screen, a cell phone or dot matrix printer. Acrobat Reader is free and has millions of downloads a day, so if you must publish a document, the best option is definitely this.

A clarification: many I will conclude that the most standard and easy it would send a word, right? The first problem would be that the sources are not in the document would have to send them attached to the mail … and most importantly, most phones do not know that it is. “doc”, and do not have the font “Times New Roman.” 3.

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