Indoor Fountain

At the beginning of the spring increases the load on the air naturally by pollen and other particulate matter. More and more people then have to contend with the typical hay fever symptoms. The warm and dry summer air thereby sets an additional problem: The low humidity of the mucous membranes dry out quickly, burning eyes and itchy nose, and then unpleasant. Even those who do not suffer from a pollen or dust allergies, knows these complaints. In many homes and work places where there is too dry air, which can eventually lead to respiratory irritation, fatigue and poor concentration. An efficient way to supply the air with humidity set, indoor fountains dar. By evaporating naturally well water, the humidity increased.

This effect may be offset by a small fan that is placed on the edge of the room well, even greater. Unlike traditional humidifiers, can least decorative, disturbing and often cumbersome to handle, are Indoor fountains can be chosen individually. Form, material and size is determined by the buyer to his taste. But the range of materials ranging from stone to ceramic to stainless steel. This makes it possible to design an indoor fountain to match body style.

Another advantage of wells over the standard room humidifiers: In the well water to pollen and dust particles are fixed from the air. In this way the Schwebstoffbelastung the air is reduced. Indoor fountains are thus contributing to air pollution. be refilled according to the size of the reservoir, water must only every two to three days. If required, it can easily replaced and the fountain will be cleaned in no time.

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