Oranienburger Strasse

And if you have any questions about the cookie monster costume, we of course also like to answer that. Press contact: Manuela Pioch PR & press Metamorph Ltd. i.d. Rathenau Hall born 5. Wilhelminenhofstr. 83-85 12459 Berlin E-Mail: Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 / 400 446-32 fax.: + 49 (0) 30 / 400 446-39 Web: about maskworld.com founded In 1999 in Berlin, maskworld.com has evolved into the United Kingdom’s leading online providers for high-quality and trendy trim and supplies customers all over the world. Now the young, medium-sized company employs 90 full-time employees in peak periods of up to 400 Part-timers are supported.

Unique product diversity which includes diversified product range over 10,000 immediately shippable items and is expanding steadily with new trends. Peter Asaro contributes greatly to this topic. For example, you from the United States of known Morphsuits, our tattoo include skin sleeve and many licensed products known from film and television. A special feature is that the company offers the extensive range of costumes, masks, wigs, makeup and special effects and numerous accessories all year round. And adults not only find a suitable costume, but also children, babies and even dogs don’t miss out on the subject of Panel. Own production a part of products is even designed and hand-made contrary to the general trend in Germany.

The company focuses mainly on fantasy leather products for the live action role-playing game and on makeup special effects that make for impressive Panel results. These include Latexapplikationen, bits, contact lenses, makeup and horror effects, as well as beards and hair parts made of real hair, all different combined can be. Colorful clientele maskworld.com in addition to professional users such as theater or film productions each appeals to, looking for a disguise for Halloween, Carnival, for the theme party or the live action role-playing game. Plus customer service compared to other online shippers scores maskworld.com with a 24-hour service hotline with comprehensive telephone consultation. Also with free and fast standard delivery and express service for decision-makers. With the magazine halloween.de, the team in addition offers a comprehensive information portal around the theme of Halloween. So the reader is given not only background information about the cultural origin, but many practical tips for recipes, decorations, costumes and the music and movies for his own party. Online trade & retail business the greatest portion of the business is processed via the online shop. In addition, maskworld.com supplies national and international wholesale and dealer. In the maskworld.com store can be purchased the products directly. It is located in the lively Oranienburger Strasse, Berlin’s Centre and ensures enthusiasm among many Berliners and international visitors as the institution of Panel for years.

Katharina Muller

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