The Lead

Even so, it was difficult to do sends and to obtain that the equipment fell next to engodo. THE SOLUTION Years ago the boats entered game boots and transporters of bait, and since then no longer there are short distances, being the 150 and 200 meters the most habitual distance, valuing in addition that the baits and the lead arrives at his site without brutales impacts, frights or more noises of the account That yes, the evolution in the design of these boats has not stopped will do nor it in the next years, and from the beginning it has been persecuted to equip them with innumerable functions, until obtaining true wonders of the technique, thus we arrived until POSEIDON II, a boat that besides taking engodo to us and the bait until the chosen site, is equipped technically with several instruments that do the easy fishing to us the more, such as thermometer, transducer and depth gauge. BOAT POSEIDON II FUNCCIONAMIENTO CAPACITY CONCLUSIONS Poseidn II is a boat boot, remote-control transportor by radio control, long-range, equipped with sounding (sounding looks for you weigh) and thermometer. It emphasizes by his reduced dimensions, excellent design and its many benefits, since during navigation it offers information varied and very useful, since very it is reading the bottom in real time and it warns to us of presence or not of fish, his position and height with with respect to the surface, the depth in meters and the temperature in C, parameters that the fishermen we know how to value and to interpret to the 100% and they turn that it into a weapon of incalculable value, since they are details that always we have needed to know how to include/understand because of the negative days and all this concentrate in a unique accessory of little more than four kilos of weight that to pain occupies space.

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