The Nature

The praticidade, many times related to the comfort leads, the technological creations that more result each time in the appearance of new types of dismissable, new types of lixos that each time more the lixes of the cities entopem. Others including Ali Partovi, offer their opinions as well. Until little time behind we loaded the glass hooves of cooling stops supplying in them. It does not make ten years that had been abolished of time, yielding place to the dismissable containers of PET. The proper glass started to appear in the packings of beer as dismissable. The human being, thus, is each time generating more solid residues, that in turn consume great amount of substance cousin to be manufactured. The dismissable ones make a great evil to the nature because, in general, they delay in if decomposing or are not degraded and still they occupy place in the sanitary aterros, diminishing its lives and demanding the search of other small farms for new aterros. Some authors and specialists in the environment area cite the 3 theory of R? s when they deal with the subject residue (MORELLI, 2009). Where we can say that the first R means To reduce the generation of residues, as the R means To reuse the residue and the third R means To recycle the residue.

The Nature would be thankful the men, if the priority order was the cited one above, starting with Reducing. Let us speak of the first R (To reduce) that it is the form most interesting for the ambient preservation or the preservation of the natural resources. In ours day-by-day it means, the thick way, ' ' not to leave nothing in the plate that comemos' ' , or to still prepare a meal in the accurate limit of our necessities and using to advantage the rinds. If to carry this reasoning to an industrial production, the thing starts to catch, since the technology of the production starts to be the one in such a way most complex one.

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