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This could also have some kind of verification (encryption, computers dedicated to this, tockens RSA or any other method that you want). Is which my point here? If the President of table upload the file and verifies the hash, the ombudsmen can enter to check and verify if the hash matches (they have a copy) believe there is a difference between investing in a super secure system that is not practical to show that simple things can make systems, not invulnerable but if impractical attempt to break. If between the time close the vote and the information sent to ONPE there are only a few minutes, that would be the only weak point to an attacker or an interested in making fraud. It is obvious that there is pharming, man in the middle, and other techniques, but there are also measures to counteract them, at an eventual implementation of this idea I could expand more because already I is dating this post quite long: p about the software, I think that it should be very simple, open source (Free Software of course) and well documented and commented codeThis way anyone could not only review, understand it but also compile it and run it, with this you would remove nail if works or not or whether or not he claims to be. Another advantage is that the political parties could have the same system (because the code would be public) and could be its spokespersons sent them the same information that the President sends to ONPE (remember that they would have a copy of the file and the hash), so you could make your own compilation of data and count, also international observers and in collective social purpose or for anyone who would like to make the count, taking all the same information the result should be the same I forgottaking all the power of technology is has not happened them do voting multimedia interface? does all this writing on that screen and that have been evaluated have been read without problems, but and that happens with illiterate people? that happens with the quechua-speaking? that happens with other Peruvian dialects? do you have to press the screen and wait for a miracle? that so difficult is putting a headset and an interface with explanatory videos? Bothers me that with so much that it can be not has been thought in something better that what presented anyway, what I’ve tried is show that it is not a simple or technical, topic but it is a complex process, but nor is the great monster, may be conducted if a proper global vision, is in this framework that the management of it services fits perfectly and as part of this management have the management of the information security, business continuity, aligned and secured in an effective and efficient management of incidents and other items necessary for a successful process with it. That mark us help in this?

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