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Songs in the Tatar language – a unique composition, again please not only the inhabitants of Tatarstan, but also people from different countries. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dermot McCormack. Most people who have only once heard a song on Tatar, could not remain indifferent. Songs in the Tatar language will be able to interest any admirer of the music. This site was created Tatar songs for lovers of good songs on it you can find a Tatar songs and words and Tatar songs, fashion Songs in the Tatar language. In addition, you have the right to keep for themselves the words of Tatar songs. Tatar folk songs are very similar to the music of the East, they share a pentatonic scale – pyatizvuchnaya system.

Characteristic system of five sounds, is that as the primary colors can be any of the five sounds. Execution of the plan has many people (Bashkir, Buryat, Mordvin, Vietnamese, etc.). The songs in the Tatar language is present extensive ornamentation, Tatar songs stand out stretchy melody, and that's what makes Tatar songs closer to the customs of the East. Ornamentation gives the unique brilliance of the song is the right way to improve rhythm. At that time, when the Tatar people took the Islamic faith, the songs in the Tatar language filled with songs of the East.

In everyday life includes musical instruments, East, drawn-out recitation of poetry, etc. Volga Bulgaria (Tatarstan), changing, began to look like the Arab Caliphate. At the present time the song in the Tatar language – it's a lot of very different styles. But most of all the different songs are on emotion in the Tatar language in the speeches of contemporary musicians. Artists use a variety of musical instruments: kurai, kubyz, Jew's harp, and others. The vast musical heritage of the Tatars formed over more than one century. Speaking musical language, the basis of Tatar folk songs is largely based on folklore solo monody tradition. That's monody and angemitonika give Tatar song originality. Tatar songs are very closely linked with the Koran. Keep in mind that the Quran reading in a singsong voice. The Tatars are reading the Koran differently, they avoid the pretentious in execution. It is a melancholy, subdued, sad songs and music culture is the difference between the Tatars. Tatar song relates a lot of similar traits. Above all, Tatar songs vary by place of birth, depending on the region, the nature of sound, content, protection of ethnic groups of the Tatars of Kazan, Astrakhan, Siberia, the Crimea, Kazan, Astrakhan, Siberia, the Crimea and other regions. We believe that our website will be useful Tatar songs you when you want to plunge into the fascinating world of music, unique melodies and lyrics. In any case, just because you visited our site or from the fact that born Tatar, Tatar song posodeystvuet you understand the unique culture of the Tatar people, its history, its culture.

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