World Cup Competitiveness

This is what it costs to employers request a gift, a presidential sash, truck a party to take command and other orders more than they are now gaining and who pays it, pay the people with the rise of the dollar, the increase in the product of the basic basket, and everything that the people being people can not deduct. (Not to be confused with Samsung!). GRASIAS MUJICA FOR BEING AS SOS!.! It is incredible to feel responsible for being one of which they vote to put in power to an old senile and liar as this Mr. Mujica is full the mouth talking about was going to govern for the poor and that it was going to take equality between poor and rich, which spread the cake more evenly. Today we find the true Mujica a senile old man who us gift with the Argentine who I did not care you the amount of idling which caused cuts and misery that brought to our country. on the issue. Then worsens with the traditional verse of the competitiveness of Uruguayan millionaires regardless of the misery of the workers, the Lord increases the dollar. With this World Cup and with the assurance that we provided our currency all we got to buy the famous LCD and any jangling as others also to work, and today we are that no matter the damage that make you to the people but that if favors the entrepreneur this Lord in everyone when low the dollar here increases it. Famous competitiveness that say the Uruguay millionaires is the decrease of money kept in the Pocket because if the raw buy in dollars and product sold it in dollars there is no lost only when they have to pay salaries that are in pesos there looks should be removed any handle main pocket and thats the loss not of competitiveness but profits for the rich. .

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