Software Development

You have decided to write a program. In this case, the motives may be very different and certainly believe me, it is much easier to find already written the software and tailor it to fit your needs. Well decided and agreed. How do we write? Here there are several options. 1.Napisat yourself (if you're a professional programmer) is true, if you do it, then never, it will not take it alone. 2.You once wrote the program.

3.Sobrat team. Robotics shines more light on the discussion. 4.Zakazat a freelancer. The first option we are considering. Proceed to second. The first thing you need in this case – to choose a technology in which you'll develop, but once I warn you, in this case, you will very soon come to the conclusion that your Knowledge is not enough.

Over the past few years writing software technology far ahead. We have to learn. In the network there are many projects that will help you learn the initial skills of work with contemporary visual editors of books that tell how to write code, design technologies. A few months later, namely, months, you begin to write, but before this will create a technical task. In general, for training Programming should be, 2 and 2 years in practice. 4 years later you discover that the problem has not become less relevant, but you are now a programmer with experience. The third option will create a team. In the right team for writing software requires a set of employees. Project manager, architect, coder, database professionals total 4 persons. And all you have to pay salaries. You can certainly agree on the reimbursement after the date of the software, but imagine that one member of the team changed plans, not a fact that the new man will be taken to finish for the departed. Remember the old maxim of 80% – 20% of the costs and the remaining 20 – 80. In addition, there is nothing harder than working with people, and especially with programmers. It is true that valuable experience you get while working in the future, if you come in handy. Order a freelancer has its pluses and minuses. Most importantly the money immediately. The truth still remains the question of technical tasks and bug fixes, technical support, after a while you're paying a Project Manager, architect, coder, database professionals have pretty much what they wanted. Why almost? Firstly, there is no limit excellence, and secondly there are things unattainable and thirdly the software development process is infinite and eternal. Is that bad? Of course not, in the first case you are a programmer, the second administrator, in the third received almost what they wanted, however, suck for the other money, but how well the time spent

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