Even if one wants to admit it, but life goes on after the heartache. It can affect anyone, regardless of whether young or old: Liebesschmerz. Like also some about smile, but someone who is virtually “Lovesick” and suffers great heartache, can charge in a very unpleasant situation that but also his environment, very strong and above all long it is. But how to get out again from the lovelorn? There is not the universal advice, who works for everyone. Exactly he bypasses differently as each person is different, with a problem as lovesickness. Therefore just different ways can be identified, where every man for himself must know which way for him is the right way to healing.

In the seventies of the last century made an American psychologist worldwide resurfaced, suggested a radical way to escape the heartache. Stimulates the Professor of D. Phillips, who after all, renowned Princeton taught at University, with a multi-tiered program to wean from the other person. To do this, she brought the book ‘ how to fall out of love’ out, that still takes its meaning. How does this tier program? In the first stage of love sick to get his head by the other person. Once just a thought the other person found in the head, you should internally immediately scream “Stop” and immediately think of something totally different primarily on something pleasant. Then you should prepare, by man produces in the run-up to a to-do list with matching things that you could think about then.

Important, it was simply that the thought of the lost love is not evolving and you no longer ponders the situation, in order to escape the heartache. Only in the second stage may be thinking again the other person but with other conditions than before. The person should become ridiculous in the thoughts. The man with all his faults, has already displaced and no longer seen in the condition of love sickness is then quickly again from Mr. right. Works that always do not, so you should try in a further stage, the other person with associate repulsive things. A more drastic form of displacement, but supposedly should they act – says Dr. Phillips. Finally you should then carry on his life, go to sports, attending parties again, and get to know new people. However one should let this take it easy, also with regard to the topic of sexuality. Not for everyone, this way is the right way. On the portal other methods shown, how you can cope with the problem. However, it is never easy, because love pain can be very persistent. The first step is, to deal with, even with the problem because only then you can leave behind. Peter Plumpe

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