Screen Firmware

Such information is considered technically unnecessary phone users and is therefore not described in the instructions. Although all the 'advanced' Nokia owners know that the version number and date of creation of the firmware You can see on the screen by typing the key combination * # 0000 #. Owners of Alcatel for the same purpose, dial * # 06 #. Curious owners of other brands of tubes may be advised to seek relevant information on the Internet or at any Techcenter provider. Kai-Fu Lee might disagree with that approach. But in itself the knowledge that your device firmware '3 .13 'or '8 .88', you are no help, of course, if you're not going to 'be compared firmware' with friends on the dispute. Much more useful than other information – description firmware versions, rather, a list of bug fixes and changes.

This list is constantly updated and sent to manufacturers of mobile phones of their authorized service centers 'for official use only'. Search this 'secret' description again is on the Internet or technical center. Expectations and peremenyIz descriptions can understand what to expect from changing software. In most cases, this improvement in signal reception and transmission, and SMS-messages, more stable operation of the device, ie the removal of various 'glitches' (hang, unauthorized off), the acceleration response to menu commands, more energy efficient. The new firmware frequently added new and changing old ringtones and pictures, there are changes associated with support for new peripherals (eg, hands free with FM-radio). Changing the user interface (menu), supplemented by a table of special characters displayed on the screen. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue.

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