Russian Government

Vladimir Putin has issued an order to make Russia change to free software by the year 2015.This policy Russia is already adapting it for several years back as Mashable informs us. He had already arranged for example schools use free software. To be clear what this we could point out that computers of the Russian Government instead of having to pay for licenses for the use of programs such as Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s Leopard to name a few, used a free open-source software such as Linux that is also totally free. The Russian Government savings will be significant given that you won’t need to pay for licenses for use of software that have owner. In addition to using free software such as Linux, can develop their own applications with its own specialists in technology usually being this type Open Source or open source-free software to enable anyone can make changes to that code to create applications or own developments to meet particular needs of their specific users.

This implies just so many business opportunities for software developers free given that the Russian Government will become a large customer with many needs to be able to make money providing services. This measure of the Government of Russia is very important and should really be the rule in all countries. The savings of using free software the truth would be very significant and would mean a big boost to the development of creativity in their respective countries since many people would introduce into the business of developing applications based on the free software..

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