Rent Reduction

Reduction in rent for apartment defects not as easy as it sounds increasingly see landlords with rent reductions faced claim defects tenants or have discovered error in the leased property and therefore reduce the rent. But not every housing shortage shall be entitled to the reduction in rent “, so Thomas Trepnau. The author, whose expert rat has helped already several hundred rental companies, shows in his book, what precautions can be taken to avoid rent reductions. So, the tenants Association in the blank is already running at conclusion of the contract and the course provided the definition of the transfer protocol. Pitfalls can be avoided easily. Victims of a rent reduction claim for every landlord can significantly reduce the risk”, so Thomas Trepnau, otherwise, can eat a rent reduction up to 100% of the rent.” How to protect landlords, so the author is described in his book.

Follow simply just step by step of what there is. All you need to do.” How much percent can be reduced? There are no generally applicable rules on the amount of the reduction in rent. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with isearch. She must be reasonable. The more the lack of affect, the more the tenant can shorten the rent. The so-called Hamburg table provides a clue to the calculation of the amount of the reduction in rent”. It is for each room in the apartment set, which expresses the value of housing as a percentage. This table is part of the book.

Rent reduction table is a brothel in the House, can be reduced up to 30%. The living room can be only an average 15 degrees Celsius heat, 30% are rent reduction possible. The heating fails completely during the heating season, so rent reductions are possible even up to 100%. From A”like sewage, to Z as in draughts are led about 100 cases in alphabetical order as an example with the respective rate of reduction in rent reduction table attached”, according to the author.

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