Powder Coatings: The Benefits And Convenience

Familiar to many liquid paints are gradually fading. People requires a unique combination of price, quality and longevity. Properties such as the protection of the product from corrosion, waste-free coating technology, and much more placed in priority, forcing consumers to pay more attention to the powder coatings. Cost-effectiveness of such paints is not in doubt. Dividing into two groups – thermosetting and thermoplastic – Powder paint famous for the possibility of effective use on any surface. Coating, which suffered similar colors, features outstanding durability and resistance to adverse external influences and sparing effect on environment, which is very important in view of the growing popularity of environmental protection. Ways of powder coating are two: tribostatic and electrostatic.

In this case, after applying the paint to the surface, there is furnace rejection. This whole process can then avoid the shedding and dull colors, as is the case with liquid paints, and also prevent corrosion or other damage to the product. Powder Paint and appreciate the unique opportunity to perfect use on any, even the most complex and uneven surfaces. As mentioned above, powder coatings can be divided into two main groups – thermosetting and thermoplastic. These two groups differ radically from each other irreversible or reversible films obtained from them. In particular, coatings formed by thermosetting paints, are irreversible and can be obtained by chemical transformations and reactions.

In contrast, thermoplastic paints for film formation to the surfaces do not resort to chemical transformations and reactions, and the films are reversible and capable of dissolving. It is worth noting that most popular thermosetting paints, attracting its exceptional resistance to all environmental influences. Among the sales of powder coatings to share thermosetting type accounts about 80%. In turn, there is a particularly preferred sub-thermosetting paints. In particular, polyester (water resistant and oil-resistant), epoxy (drains, oil-resistant, petrol-resistant), epoxy-polyester, Polyurethane (excellent adhesion), polyacrylate (light fastness, longevity surfaces). Today the market of powder coatings is one of the fastest growing. More and more consumers and industries give preference to this type of paint. After staining result is everything you could wish for. Here and in the perfect thickness, and consistently accurate color, and smooth color, and durability. Of course, it's hard to get away from accustomed to something new, but when this "new" is several notches higher on all indicators can be no doubt.

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