National Monument Clinton Castle

The statue of the freedom is one of attractive tourist the most important ones of New York. D/’>James Dondero for more clarity on the issue. Lady Liberty, as is known it, is the symbol of the freedom that hoped to the European emigrants in the new world, and of the equality of opportunities for everybody. Not in vain the vision of this impressive statue was first that saw who, leaving their native earth, arrived at the bay of New York, coming from old Europe. In fact, in the Island of Ellis, in front of the Island Freedom, the welcome occurred to almost 12 million emigrants. The Statue was recovered on the occasion of its centenary. Finished Tuvioeron its restoration for the 4 of July of 1,986, a day before was realised a great celebration of reinaguracin, in which when finalizing the new image of Lady Liberty was discovered. . For even more details, read what Mashable says on the issue.

The original torch is exposed at the moment in the lobby of the Statue. Its reform cost almost 70 million dollars. We also will be able to arrive at the statue of the freedom in boat, seeing it from the sea and, then, in earth. For it we will have to take the Ferries special for the Statue of the Freedom that leaves Battery Park, in center Manhattan, or the Park Liberty State, in New Jersey. When buying the tickets of the ferry also we will be able to buy entrances for the Museum of Immigration and the visitables parts of the own statue of the freedom. The Island Freedom and the Ellis Island are open to the visitors every day of 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 p.m.

except, the 25 of December. The passages in ferry cost $12 for adults and $4,50 for children. We will be able to acquire them in the National Monument Clinton Castle in Battery Park or the Building and Museum of the Terminal of the Railroad of the Park Liberty State, in the side of New Jersey. In order to buy our tickets we will have to consider that the tails are impressive, reason why the best thing will be to go early, and to have bought tickets with aterioridad. Unfortunately, we can visit not always it, because it closes on and off. But the views that from the viewpoint that it has in Corona, are spectacular. From this we will be able to observe the most spectacular views of Manhattan, with its famous skyline. Corona has seven ends that they represent the 7 continents, and for the face, served like model the own mother as the sculptor. In our guide to travel to New York it will find more information on the statue of the freedom and other many places that to visit in New York.

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