Make up and Eyes

Smoky eyes translated from English as "smoky eye" – is a classic evening make-up for a special occasion. Step 1. On the upper eyelid, apply shimmer eye shadow. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from search. Step 2. Darker shade underline line growth and bottom lashes blend to create a smoky effect to give the look of expression. Step 3.

Curl lashes with tweezers for curling eyelashes. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Curled lashes make eyes look more open. Step 4. The eyelashes, apply enduring lengthening mascara "Infinity". Mascara gives lashes resistant glossy color and excellent length on the day. After the party easily remove make-up can be by using makeup remover with triple action. Care for eyelashes can help strengthening conditioner for eyelashes. conditioner formula contains: Biotin (vitamin H) to strengthen the lashes, Keravis to protect the structure of lashes Liposomes and Vitamin B5 to give your lashes healthy appearance. Apply conditioner in the morning or evening on nenakrashennye eyelashes.

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