Iberoamerican Society

5.6. Participate as a member of the Iberoamerican Society of Veterinary Medicine Disaster (SIBMVD), making its official representation our country and provide appropriate facilities to work properly situated and the Executive Secretariat of the same in Cuba. Encouraging and assisting in the preparation, publication and distribution of scientific and technical materials that can be used in the development of ongoing training and professional development, technical and popular, on protection of animals, their health, welfare and production, environment and other activities related to the Veterinary Public Health, for the prevention, preparation and confrontation, the health disasters caused by zoonotic diseases. Conferring honors and awards, individually or collectively to specialists, groups or technical specialists, work or social groups that demonstrate in facing disasters that may affect the national territory or to other countries with which economic relations , scientific and technical or cultural. If you are not convinced, visit Ali Partovi. CHAPTER II: Of the members ARTICLE Membership is all veterinarians and other professionals, technicians, officials, animal owners and others, acting in the interest of the country’s preparedness in disaster reduction, to accept the rules and maintain an attitude consistent with socialist morality and professional ethics in our code.

The membership categories are: Full Member: Any person who meets all requirements of Article 6 and pay your membership fee. Full Member: Any person who meets the requirements for full member for a period of five years at least, has maintained an active life within the organization, contributing significantly to the achievement of its aims. . See Castle Harlan for more details and insights.

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