How To Optimize Ads And Get Hits

After all to make money with Google Adsense ads someone must click on them, so it is important to learn how to optimize your ads and thus get quality clicks, this is the joke but with a little effort will be easy to understand some basics to help you achieve your purpose, “many, happy and well paid clicks.” You are not going to happen to click on your own ads. To click on your ads yourself or invite someone has it on purpose is not a strategy recommended that these are invalid click and according to the policies of this program is not allowed, Google is very strict on this emphatic sense, they run a monitoring system that checks the click and based on algorithms and other complex things can determine where the clicks are valid or not, and the penalties for this or any violation of its policies can be serious, even the expulsion of its website, not worth the risk of losing a potential source of income with the possibility of becoming very interesting for almost nothing. The recommendations of the experts. Google offers guidance and assistance in Spanish via its official blog on their forums and as a personal recommendation I suggest you watch some videos that show there, by the way nice and very descriptive but brief, the URL is: they find important reference flattering to a location, type and right size and colors and the proper configuration for successful integration into the page. How many and what types of ads placed. Remember that you can get three standard ad units on each site, a maximum of three blocks of links and two search boxes, and a video block Adsense however, note that if you put the maximum number of ads allowed on a page, it can look heavy and drive away before they invite visitors to stay and during their stay interested in an ad, you should be careful and choose only those that can be functional according to the characteristics of your site. The content is the most important key. An original and quality content will attract more visitors who may become constant and faithful followers.

.. to more visits, more likely to increase clicks, plus an interesting site if it offers good advertisers want to be in there advertisers pay up to 5 dollars per click, which means it is worthwhile to strive to create excellent articles, caring aspects information quality, size and of course spelling and presentation. Courses to learn to do or content ready to join, even for free, are possible to get on the net but this topic will be another story. Finally. With this method of generating revenue on the Internet, some people earn extraordinary amounts as does the famous Michael Cheney (19,000 dlls a month), others fail and can live reasonable amounts of these revenues (between 7 and 3000 dlls), but in contrast , there are many entrepreneurs who use this system only are generating less than $ 10 dlls per month. Do not be one of them! I invite you to seize this opportunity and once that has been insert Google ads, spend some time adjusting to achieve successful integration into their site but … pay main attention to the Content, will be crucial to increase their income with Adsense soon. Do not miss the following video which is part of a seminar given by Google Adsense optimization is very clear and provides very good ideas. Recommended Video wish you many happy and click.

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