Goethe Institut

In the month of January, two years ago, I enrolled in a course in German at the Goethe Institut in Lima. The course was of the level upper Oberstufe is its name in German and had a duration of eight weeks. Classes were given Saturday from eight and thirty in the morning to midday, with a thirty minute break. We had enrolled 14 students, of whom six were students. Our teacher was a German citizen Markus Maier, journalist by profession and, at that time, Professor of Goethe.

The price of the course was fifteen hundred dollars approximately, more the cost of the book which was about twenty-eight dollars. As students of the Oberstufe we had right to the use of the library free of charge. Otherwise the right to the use of the library cost about twenty dollars a year. We also had right to the use of the Centre for self-study, which is a room where are computers and audio to practice the language. Computers are offered lots of exercises to resolve and that They help in learning. With the audio equipment we could exercise listening to the language as well as its pronunciation. The method used by our Professor, Markus, consisted in the choice of topics, by naturally, were discussed in classes and in which gave our opinion.

It also made us read articles, not so extensive, so we learned new words and ampliabamos our vocabulary. But an innovative method introduced for that year was that of the learning platform (Lernplattform), through which all students were connected with each other via the Internet and, in addition, with the teacher. This made we learn not only the day of classes that were on Saturdays, but, also, other days of the week and we kept busy. Sundays Markus gave us a task that we should solve in the span of four days.

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