Desktop Replacement

The size laptops are classified based on screen size: 17 inches and more – "desktop replacement (Desktop Replacement) 14 – 16 inches – Mainstream Notebook (special name for this category of laptops are not provided) 11 – 13.3 inches – subnotebooks 7 – 10.2 inches – netbooks. Devices with screen sizes less than 7 inches isolated in the special category "Hand Held Computer literacy" We consider these classifications in more detail: Desktop Replacement (size displeya17 inch and above) – Notebook Class Desktop Replacement (DTR) – designed for desktop replacement. In essence, this type of multimedia and business notebooks, which has one key feature – the big screen (with 17-inch and above). Dimensions and weight (3-5 lbs.) These laptops are quite considerable, which makes them inconvenient to carry. However, the relatively large size of the display provides a more comfortable work enclosure allows you to set powerful components and provide them with adequate cooling. Some manufacturers install in large Notebooks 2 hard drive, which is usually combined into a RAID-array. DTR-notebooks, tend to have higher performance, discrete graphics, a large set of connectors, high-quality screen, comfortable keyboard with separate numeric block.

The cost notebooks in this class range from 18,000 to 120,000 rubles. Category notebooks with screen size 14 – 16 inch notebooks in this category, the most common. They have a reasonable size and weight maintaining a decent level of performance. Subnotebooks – laptops with screen size 11 – 13.3 inches These notebooks feature small dimensions and weight, but the small size of the screen reduces the usability of such device.

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